If you, a family member, or a loved one received what you believe was poor or inadequate medical care and YOU want to know if malpractice occurred, we will help answer your questions.

We will work with you and your attorney. If you do not have an attorney we will help you obtain counsel.

  • We will guide you in obtaining ALL the necessary records
  • We will review the records you obtain
  • We will identify what WAS and WAS NOT done
  • We will provide a written report for you and your family
  • We will help your attorney, should they wish, to get EXPERT witnesses

Often friends of the family or distant relatives provide suggestions that help families in distress over the injury or death of a loved one - we will help evaluate their concerns.

We will provide reports, endeavor to answer questions, and, if requested, hold conference call conversations, video conference calls, or meet personally with you and your family.

There are expenses involved in bringing suit EVEN when you work through an attorney but often these expenses are more than offset by the compensation that families rightfully obtain. WE WILL WORK TO HELP YOU MINIMIZE YOUR EXPENSES AND DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO SUE.

We will work with you, answer your questions, and make your experience with our firm a positive one which is not costly.


Using Physicians' Health Care Consulting, Inc. staff represents the best use of skilled and competent professionals.

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